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A Thought On Infrastructure Investment

They are lining up for money from the Obama administration. Infrastructure investment is the catch word of the day and there are no shortage of projects. Here for your consideration, courtesy of today’s Wall Street Journal, are some examples of what we are being asked to pay for: A wish list that is 11,391 projects […]

The TARP Sequel

The Detroit auto bailout is beginning to drearily resemble the drama that surrounded the enactment of TARP. Only, like any bad sequel, you just want it to be over since you have already figured out the end. Republicans are standing on free market principals-for the time being. Democrats are doing their best to make sure […]

Prospects For Equity Appreciation In Housing

I stumbled across this on the Web today. It’s a study by the Center for Economic and Policy Research and the National Low Income Housing Coalition. It represents their guesstimate of the prospects for housing appreciation in a number of statistical MSA’s. I don’t know if they have any particular bones to pick but the […]