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Obama Battles The Tobacco Bug

As someone who has battled a lifelong addiction to cigarettes and happily confesses to never had one he didn’t enjoy, I take a great deal of satisfaction in the fact┬áthat a fellow traveler is about to occupy the White House. The pummeling that he took from Brokaw is something that all of his afflicted brethern […]

My Bad

If you think this site looks bad, you’re right. I tried to go beyond my limited techie skills and input some code. Obviously I not only failed in the attempt to add code but I lost, hopefully not irretrievably, all of the stuff that should be to the right of this post. Presumably someone smarter […]

Did You Imagine It Was This Bad?

From Amity Shales blog.

How Much Can We Borrow?

Here’s a rather sobering report from the Wall Street Journal. The Treasury could sell more than $400 billion in notes and bills during the last few weeks of this year. This is in addition to purchases the Fed plans to make. The truly surprising assertion in the article is that such massive borrowing is not […]


I had a little time, so I added a few blogs to my blogroll. If you want a snapshot of what they’re about just hover your cursor over the name. These are blogs that I read regularly. I’ll add more as I get time.

The Job Picture

From Jake at EconomPic, here is what you need to plan your next carreer move. Let’s all not try and crowd into the few growth sectors at the same time.

The New Housing Bubble

A few days ago the Treasury announced that it was going to take several steps in order to manipulate lower rates on 30 year fixed rate mortgages. At the time, I was stunned and said in a short post that I would follow-up later on their plan. So let me do that briefly now. If […]