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Obama Plays The Roosevelt Game

The Obama team is taking a decidedly Rooseveltian approach to TARP and thereby the entire issue of the economic crisis. That’s not necessarily bad politics but it does waste some time. An article in the WSJ indicates that there is some frustration on the part of the Bush Treasury team at the lack of feedback […]

The Need To Remind Politicians Of Who Holds The Whip

Believe me this isn’t meant to be another attack on Sheila Bair. She just happens to be the politician of the day who exemplifies a disturbing trend. Bair took issue with lenders and investors in mortgage securities who are not bending to the government’s loan modification whip. It’s fine for politicians to try and push […]

Pakistan Losing Control

With a little luck we might get through this economic crisis with just a long, tough recession. A little bad luck and we might be in for a frightful ride. South Asia is just the sort of place where bad luck tends to breed. Case in point today is a report that the police in […]

Sheila Bair May Have Worn Out Her Welcome

Well after whining last night about the fact that the WSJ was late to the Bair bashing party and that only one other blogger that I knew of shared my animus towards her, it turns out that a couple other parties who count for a little more than the rest of us aren’t too happy either. […]