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Black Friday Snapshots

I’m getting over a miserable case of the flu which completely destroyed my Thanksgiving and I happen to be fading fast right now. Let me give you a synopsis of what I picked up on the Web today about Black Thursday sans links. Sorry, but I don’t have the energy and I suspect most of […]

To Lend Or Not To Lend …

Being a banker these days has to be one paranoid experience e. On the one hand you have most of Congress, the Fed and the administration telling you to lend, lend, lend and then today the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency told its examiners to get tough with the banks they examine. The […]

Control Of RBS Passes To British Government

In case you missed it, majority control of the Royal Bank of Scotland passed into the hands of the British Government today. The government now owns 57.9% of the bank. Royal Bank had been trying to raise new equity capital but its attempt failed when just 0.24 % of the shares offered were picked up […]

Trump Entertainment In Trouble Again

I suppose there is a reason so if anyone can enlighten me about this feel free to do so. I, frankly, can’t figure out how a company that derives its revenues from gaming can run into serious financial problems. Sure, I understand that it’s always possible to spend beyond your means no matter how predictable […]

Mumbai Violence May Be A Precursor

Islamic militants have been wreaking havoc in Mumbai, India’s financial capital. Reports so far indicate that 88 people have been killed and a number taken hostage. The pictures from the area look like a battlefield. So why care? Simply because we are likely to see an increase in this type of violence as we suffer […]

Bad Economic News Pushes Up The Stock Market

Despite a spate of bad economic news, the equity markets continued their upward climb. I don’t know if it means anything but I never discount markets either, so maybe there is some sense that corners are being turned. Here, however, from Market Watch is a synopsis of the data that came out today: Stocks had […]

The DAP Monster Isn’t Dead

Unlike a vampire, driving a stake through the heart of Downpayment Assistance Programs doesn’t seem to kill them. They’re trying to make a comeback. Housing Wire has a story that you can peruse. The front men for this are some non-profits but you can bet that they are getting all the help they need from […]