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What You Need To Know About Synthetic Securities-At Least To Start With

I’ve intended to publish this link for the past couple of days and want to do so before I forget. Felix Salmon at has a post which did a superb job of explaining synthetic bonds. I have struggled mightily to get up to speed on this subject and thank him for taking me one […]

What They Won’t Tell You About The Auto Dealerships

I believe that the Detroit bailout negotiations are due to start again this week. I thought I would try and give you a little background on some of the issues that might not be quite as clear as the press or the politicians should make them. Consider for example this article from the New York […]

Card Check Hiding In The Shadows

Lost in all of the hoopla surrounding new programs to rescue the financial sector, bailout Detroit, Obama’s staff appointments and his fiscal stimulus plan is a blockbuster that promises to grab a lot of the spotlight come January 22. That issue is card check. The Wall Street Journal points out that the U.S. Chamber of […]

The Rube Goldberg Economy

Holman Jenkins had another characteristically excellent column in the WSJ this week. Writing on the auto industry, as he has frequently done over the past few weeks, he pointed out that the Detroit crisis is truly a crisis that was hatched and nurtured in Washington. I recommend it to you, but there was another part of […]

Beat Down On Robert Rubin

In the midst of a crisis with so much to write and think about, it seems a waste of time to spend as much time and effort on Citi board member Robert Rubin. Yet after a particularly critical article about him in the Wall Street Journal he does seem to be all that is on […]