Black Friday Snapshots

I’m getting over a miserable case of the flu which completely destroyed my Thanksgiving and I happen to be fading fast right now. Let me give you a synopsis of what I picked up on the Web today about Black Thursday sans links. Sorry, but I don’t have the energy and I suspect most of it is hearsay anyway.

  • In Long Island Wall Mart patrons stormed the store before it opened and a security guard was so badly trampled that he died.
  • A Best Buy in California reported that customers were using so much cash in lieu of credit cards that they were running out of change. This one is dubious. How about debit cards?
  • Stores reported that buyers were snapping up the bargains but passing on impulse buys.
  • Various reports stated that teenagers were out in force looking for bargains and buying for themselves. Not much staying power there.

A real smattering and I wouldn’t put too much faith in the reports. Discounts were so deep that Friday’s action might indicate a stronger season than what actually transpires. We shall see.

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