Mumbai Violence May Be A Precursor

Islamic militants have been wreaking havoc in Mumbai, India’s financial capital. Reports so far indicate that 88 people have been killed and a number taken hostage. The pictures from the area look like a battlefield.

So why care? Simply because we are likely to see an increase in this type of violence as we suffer through the interegnum. It’s also more likely than not that Obama is going to be tested early on by militants throughout the world. History isn’t on vacation and the concept that the new President can devote himself to righting the economy without diversions is wrong headed.

We aren’t even remotely close to the 1930’s but it is worth keeping in mind what sort of political systems were spawned from the chaos of that time. Nations and politicians particularly have a habit of taking advantage of weakness which just happens to be the deck we are dealing from right now.

Mumbai will probably vanish quickly from the radar. Don’t think that other blips won’t emerge that may be of more concern.

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