Is The Volt Viable

Here’s an interesting post on the WSJ economics site. It asks the question if with oil prices falling whether or not the green movement gets stalled.

I think it does but the post doesn’t argue that fact but simply asserts that technology has taken us to a point at which alternative fuel vehicles are viable. I beg to differ. The article asserts that the Volt will get 100 miles to the gallon. I don’t know where that number came from but even GM doesn’t make such a claim. In fact the Volt is an extremely limited vehicle in terms of utility and has a significant drawback Its range is significantly limited so in essence it is nothing more than a golf cart encased in a car body.

The American people have shown a strong resistance to being pigeonholed into cars they don’t like. If the Obama administration attempts to strong arm the consumer into buying something they don’t want. they may indeed rue that decision.

Tom Lindmark

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