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Summers Gets The Other Top Econ Job

So it’s Larry Summers to head the Council of Economic Advisors. This should be interesting. Summers has always impressed me as an in your face type of guy. Geithner at Treasury is your prototypical public servant. Look for lots of leaks and back channel bull. My bet is that Geithner doesn’t last more than a […]

Is The Volt Viable

Here’s an interesting post on the WSJ economics site. It asks the question if with oil prices falling whether or not the green movement gets stalled. I think it does but the post doesn’t argue that fact but simply asserts that technology has taken us to a point at which alternative fuel vehicles are viable. […]

Obama As Helicopter Ben

Barack Obama gave some indication today of the direction he intends to go in order to get the economy back on track once he is in office. In his radio address, he also seemed to signal that he was going to start engaging sooner rather than waiting until after the inauguration. From the New York […]

Appraisal Angst

During the height of the housing boom, appraisals became something of a joke. It was not at all unusual for a mortgage loan broker to call several appraisers until he or she found one that would deliver the value “needed” to close the deal. The meltdown exposed just how wildly overvalued many houses had been […]