Be Careful What You Wish For

There seems to be more than a fair amount of sentiment that Congress is derelict in its duty in adjourning for several months in the middle of the worst economic crisis in whatever year you care to name. Let me suggest that it may be the best thing that can happen to us.

It would seem to be abundantly clear that their are limits on what government can do in a period such as this. Despite all of the maneuvering and TARP bills, squabbling, congressional hearings, lobbying for bailouts and endless press briefings, little or nothing has been accomplished since they reconvened. In fact, their presence in Washington may have been counter productive. Surely, the markets have turned thumbs down on their performance.

At this point in time, particularly on the eve of a significant transfer of power, the inclination of politicians is not so much to solve immediate problems rather it is to position themselves and their programs for advancement in a new milieu. To expect anything else would be to imbue these creatures with more good will than they deserve. Now is not the time for problem solving so much as intrigue.

Rest assured that come the New Year, or more precisely January 21 they will spring once more into frenzied action. On that date, we may indeed pine for this halcyon holiday period when at least they were doing no harm.

Tom Lindmark

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