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An Alternative To F&F And Ugly Developments With Commercial Mortgages

I had a busy day, so I’m just beginning to catch up on everything. As I bounce around I’m realizing that a day I thought was mild from the point of a lot of dramatic news had some pretty interesting things going on. Here are a couple that just caught my attention. The first one […]

Money Problems For The Emerald Isle

I’ve written before and continue to believe that what could tip this entire situation into chaos would be a string of Icelandic type failures among some of the more developed countries. The banking system can be controlled, I’m not sure that the same holds true in the event of some significant defaults by industrialized countries. […]

Two Views Of The Credit Markets

It’s always interesting to look at the views people express of markets based on their vantage point. Case in point today is the testimony of Bernanke before the House committee and the thoughts of John Jansen who writes Across the Curve. First Bernanke’s testimony seemed frank in that he cited improving conditions in the credit […]