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Oil And Autos-A Couple Good Links

Here are a couple links to articles in the WSJ economics blog. One is a roundup of opinions on the auto bailout and the other a very good post about how much the positive effects of the drop in oil prices has on the economy. I recommend both but the one on oil is particularly […]

Bush Gives Rest Of TARP To Obama

The Bushies did something that many are calling gracious and magnanimous. They announced they wouldn’t spend anymore of the TARP money unless absolutely necessary. I agree that a lame duck administration shouldn’t be spending vast sums of money at this point in time, particularly when it involves the fundamental reordering of the economic system of […]

Paul Volker’s Dire Assessment Of The Economy

Former Federal Reserve Chairman, Paul Volker, offered some unsettling comments to a gathering in London today. As reported by the Telegraph, Mr. Volker described the current situation as unlike anything he has ever seen (and he has seen a lot): “What this crisis reveals is a broken financial system like no other in my lifetime,” […]

WSJ Breaking The Mold

Something quite interesting just happened. The Wall Street Journal appears to be adopting some blogosphere techniques. I get email alerts from the WSJ about breaking news. So I just received one about Jerry Yang stepping down as the head of Yahoo. I clicked on the link which took me to their website and at the […]