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Obama’s Comments On 60 Minutes

I didn’t see Obama’s interview on “60 Minutes” so this from Yahoo (consider the source) is all that I know about it. Nevertheless it’s hardly left wing. In fact, there are echoes of a certain war mongering Republican President. I won’t tire you with reprints, here is the link. It’s a short article. Take a […]

Keep A Weather Eye Out This Week

Keep your eyes open, this might be an interesting week. There was some deterioration in the credit markets after Paulson dissed the idea of buying bad assets and the battle over Detroit will heat up. There’s also a fair amount of economic data coming out. Here are some comments on the credit markets via Across […]

The Hundred Million Dollar Garage

I’ll get off this kick I’m on about the cities lining up for federal help but bear with me for just one more post. Let’s take a quick look at one example of how local governments have landed themselves in this mess. City North is a sprawling retail, office, residential housing development on the north […]

Consumer Spending Implosion

There is little reason to kill a bunch of pixels writing about the state of consumer spending. These charts from Jake at EconomPic Data tell the story completely. The question, of course, is does it get worse or are we at the bottom?