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Words To Remember

Paul Kedrosky at Infectious Greed had a great quote that we should all get reprinted and put somewhere we can refer to time and time again. Here it is, but if you want the full impact you have to go to his site. So the actions of people relying on history change history, and that […]

Auto Companies, Democrats And Tangled Webs

I’m on a Wall Street Journal kick today. Another good article on Friday by Kimberley Strassel dissecting the political game going on with the bailout provisions for the Big Three automakers. It’s a wonderful example of how quickly campaign donations and promises can tie a party in knots. Here are the players and the dilemma: […]

TARP Aid For The Cities-A Few Thoughts

Last night in a post I noted the plea by several cities including my hometown of Phoenix for a piece of the TARP action. I want to follow-up with a couple of thoughts but before I do, let me update the story. The city of San Jose has jumped on the bandwagon and wants some […]

The G20 Outlind A Plan For Salvation

The G20 meeting to solve the world’s economic crisis has concluded. No definitive word yet on whether or not we awaken on Monday to see that all is well again but what they accomplished can be found in this communique courtesy of the WSJ. Now if you don’t have time to read it let me […]