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A Few Late Night Links And Thoughts

Here are a couple links to two good articles at First, Felix Salmon leads off with an attempt to parse the second government bailout of AIG. I’m still thinking it through and he may be ahead of me but it makes for some interesting ideas. Anyway, the more you think about this the stranger […]

The U.S. Gets Deeper Into AIG

And you thought nothing was going down this weekend. Guess again. The government just got a lot deeper into AIG. From the WSJ: As part of the plan, the U.S. government is expected to roll back the length and interest rate of its existing loan, buy $40 billion in preferred AIG shares through the U.S. […]

Does This Mean They Won’t Buy Our Bonds

China announced a $586 billion stimulus package to try and lift the country out of the doldrums. The number is about 25% of China’s GDP. Bloomberg has the story, but the cliff notes version is that the money is going to be spent on housing, infrastructure, grain purchases and subsidies for farmers. Purportedly the program […]

Obama And The Creative Class

Joel Kotkin has an interesting take on the winners in the wake of Barack Obama’s victory. His contention is that the election marks the ascendancy of the so-called “creative class. The economic impact that he projects from this thesis is interesting. He argues that Obama enjoyed immense support both in terms of voter turnout and, […]

Tone Deaf

This week’s winner of the Tone Deaf award goes to the Maricopoa County Board of Supervisors. For those of you who are geographically challenged, Phoenix is located in Maricopa county. Hours after learning that they were facing a revenue shortfall of $58 million this fiscal year and $99 million next year, the Board approved the […]