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Bird and Fortune Part 2-Watch Part 1 Below First

Bird And Fortune Enjoy!

NAR’s New Housing Subsidy

The line of supplicants at the government bailout window just got a little longer. L.A. Land is reporting that the National Association of Realtors ended their annual convention today by suggesting the government subsidize an interest rate buy down for homeowners. They figure that buying down the 30 year fixed rate to 4.5% on the […]

Credit Suisse Shuttering Bond Fund

Here is a small reminder that we are not quite out of the woods yet. MarketWatch is reporting that Credit Suisse is shutting down a bond fund as illiquidity in the bond markets has made it impossible to meet redemption requests. The bank said it will close the CS Bond Fund (Lux) Target Return because […]

CDS: Where Is The Truth?

Whether they’re “Financial weapons of mass destruction” per Warren Buffett or simply an intelligently designed instrument for managing risk as many claim, there is a marked difference of opinion on credit default swaps. The opinions flow back and forth in the media, even “60 Minutes” jumped into the fray, and among the blogs there is […]