The Worst Job In America

Like all of you, I’m a little tired of political analysis . So how about a quiz? What’s the worst job to have going into 2009.

My nomination is an audit manager for a major accounting firm that has the Citi, BofA, Wells Fargo-you name it-financial firm requiring an unqualified opinion. Now honestly how do you walk into one of these companies that you probably audited last year and tell them at the end of your audit that they are, in your opinion, essentially FUBAR.

You have the kids to think about. Your job and future. You’re not that far up the ladder that you can stand on principle. But realistically, you can get a job as the CFO at your local manufacturing plant that will keep your life together. Or are you going to roll the dice, put your neck under the SOX guillotine and hope to hang onto the good times.

So what’s it going to be champ. Hang onto the house you can barely afford and hope the feds don’t make an example of you or do a Howard Cossell and call them like you see them. Good luck.

Tom Lindmark

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