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Obama’s Very Short Honeymoon

What now for President-elect Obama? I congratulated him last night for on his victory and spent too much time today reading vacuous articles about what he is planning to accomplish. Let’s talk a very little bit about reality and a little more about how he might approach his impending term as president. Paul Kedrosky who […]

The Worst Job In America

Like all of you, I’m a little tired of political analysis . So how about a quiz? What’s the worst job to have going into 2009. My nomination is an audit manager for a major accounting firm that has the Citi, BofA, Wells Fargo-you name it-financial firm requiring an unqualified opinion. Now honestly how do […]

Radian Posts Surprising Profit

Housing Wire reported the more than somewhat surprising news that Radian Group, one of the largest mortgage insurance companies posted a $36.7 million profit as opposed to a $703.9 million loss for the third quarter of 2007. Analysts had expected a large loss. I will leave it up to you to peruse the article to […]

A New President

I will write a nonpartisan post tomorrow giving my thoughts on the election. After all, there are still some pretty issues regarding the Senate and House to be decided. In the meantime congratulations to Barack Obama on his victory and to John McCain for his efforts. I thought both were as good as they have […]