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Sorry Once Again

Sorry for the formatting below. I liked the posts and wanted to keep them up so I hope you can figure it out. Still trying to get used to this platform. Not the best. Hopefully it works out. If not, I will move the blog but count on the fact that I will leave forwarding […]

Mortgage Mods-A New Plan And A Warning

Washington is awash in homeowner bailout plans and just about every politician and economist is lining up in favor of something. Here is the latest idea floating around and then a cautionary tale from history about the consequences. First, the new plan that leaked out today has the government subsidizing homeowners’ mortgage payments. The plan […]

Useful Thoughts On The Great Depression

It’s a tough night to concentrate on writing. I’d rather be indulging my political junkie side and getting an overdose of network analysis. Nevertheless, I do want to pass on to you a couple of very interesting articles I read in the past few days. They are both from the Wall Street Journal, pertain to […]