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No Government LBO Loan For Chrsler/GM

Here’s a surprise. The Bush administration has turned thumbs down on money for a Chrysler/GM merger. That takes some big ones. Reportedly (NY Times Report Here) the Bushies are pushing to get the $25 billion already committed to the industry on the fast track. Apparently they didn’t want to devot any of their $700 billion […]

Apologies For The Poor Formatting

I can’t quite figure out this blogging platform. I apologize for the messy look of the posts. The edit function doesn’t seem to work. I edit and the same formatting errors recur. At any rate I hope the content still makes sense. Somehow I’ll figure this out or just ditch it for something better. Tom […]

Chicago PMI’s Scary Numbers

From Jake at here is a depiction of the components of the Chicago PMI that was released on Friday. For an analysis, consider these comments from Across the Curve. Scary doesn’t do this report justice. This abysmal report follows allother pre-ISM regional reports which carried the same tone – an abrupt change occurred in […]

Dow Rally In Perspective

It’s been a crazy weekend trying to get this blog configured. A techie I’m not. I have no idea if anyone is reading this stuff yet. Nevertheless, here are some quick thoughts for you. Infectious Greed has a very interesting chart. It shows that the Dow rally last week was one of the ten best. […]